Thursday, July 31, 2008

WHAT MAKES HEAD COACHES SO CONSERVATIVE ? Or members of the Republican Party!

As Dictators go Generalissimo Franco was well a favorite, not that I am a Fascist, have been a Fascist, or want to be a Fascist! As a matter of fact I am a Liberal Democrat a child of the 60´s, a grown up ex -hippiefyed kinda leaning to the left, never inhaled, won´t go to Vietnam even on vacation type. I also am a pragmatist that knows most of the crap in the 60´s was a way to meet girls, because they liked long hair on boys. Well my hair is gone and those girls are all grandmothers now.

Enough said, Head Coaches in Football are like Franco in a way, though they are not dead; some of them after a losing 4 straight may wish they were and most don´t speak a word of Spanish, except the occasional "No Problemo"...which is said to Boosters in regularity, even more so when losing games are a regularity!

A Poll was taken recently, by the think tank group in Washington, Whatsamatta U Council on progressive conservative Wolverine studies in the 21 century. It stated and I quote" the issue of dictatorial extremes in American Football by Head Coaches is a Divine God Given right, which is important to the structure and implementation of the Game as a whole and should be realized by the people most effected by it, especially smart- alack Coordinators, who should stay in their booths and speak only when they are spoken too". This Poll also indicated that 85% percent of Head Coaches belong to the Republican Party and voted for George W. Bush in both elections, and that the other 15 % of which 99% belonged to the Bull Moose party and had voted for Theodore Roosevelt as a write in, leaving the small percentage of Democrats who had been to Rehab or at least driven by one in the last two elections.

Which brings us to this conclusion. If you are 8 -2 except in specific parts of Texas, and are a Head Coach no one one can say anything to you at all, except your wife...because they are wrong, except your wife. If you are 8-2, except in all parts of California where you can't say anything you want because it will cause someone emotional distress,by hurting each or every individual crackpot from a gay born again Warlock to a serial killer on Death Rows feelings.Where you'll have to resign, or go to Rehab, even though you don´t drink, smoke or even take medicine and still be out of a job; except in specific parts of California, say" San Fransisco" where your wife may be a Head Coach at another school and be 9-1 and played on the same College team as your Center. Not that I have anything against Centers! Which beg´s me to ask the question, if it´s not San Andreas Fault, then who´s is it?

So why are Head Coaches Conservative and like Franco? These words will explain everything perfectly "Look at our Congress" Imagine that running a football a matter of fact ,what about owners , Al(I have already written your letter of resignation) Davis, Jerry( money will solve everything)Jones and ex- Hollywood Movie stars...Bonzo who had 25% ownership in the Washington Redskins....oh! the other guy was a Conservative, but hey! He was from California too! That´s another bag of walnuts....oops! "Sorry to the Squirrels against profiling...I will go to Betty Ford that one".

In Conclusion...if Knute Rockne would have been president their would have been no Pearl Harbor or Dunkirk! The Giants would be playing in New York and the Jets would still be at Shea
Stadium and California would still be an agricultural state and the Republican Governor would not be channeling the thoughts of Woodrow Wilson, and the Oakland Raiders would be winning again.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The New and Improved Blog!

I have changed because of the Red Pinko Communist Conspiracy headed by my Late Great Great Great Uncle Leon Trotsky...who´s real name was Leyba Davidich Bronstein. Who seemed really busy being an International type in Mexico till someone took a dull axe to his head. Now you may ask what this has to do with football? Well really nothing, but I love to name drop!

Enough said, I would like to talk about Quarters, not the time you pitch in back alleys as an idle youth but as in coverage. Cover 4 as it is know to Defensive Aficionados. I have recently ventured back to "THE DARK SIDE"...gee I can´t help myself on this one..."I´m evil, evil I tell you"!!!! Sorry for the rant. Back to Cover 4 or Cov 4.

Why Cov 4 you ask? Well think about these reasons!
1. You can disguise many looks, a Two Shell Look, a SS/FS Invert look, you can go with 4 or 5 across and play many different covers including C4 with robber. Baffle the QB and OC, causing the big mistake and bingo you have a pick.
2.You can attack a Offense with many 6 and 7 man blitzes plus Zone Blitz them, putting muncho pressure on QB,s who run terrible but throw well thus rushing the pass or throwing the bad ball.
3. Take the deep threat away on 3rd and real long situations and kill the stinking draw.
4. Prevent.
5. Playing the TREY or Trips to Field or even Mid Field and squeezing the trips side and taking pressure from the hole and your Inside Backer who covers it and wall #1 rec to backside with Corner in a semi lock on him.

All in all Cov 4 is a different animal, it has apperent weakness that the short pass will work, but you don´t have to live with it 100% of the time just throw it into the mix of Coverage´s that you have in your arsenel.
Below will be a Power point I gave to my Db´s

Diagram 1.

Diagram 2.

Diagram 3.

Diagram 4.

Diagram 5.

Diagram 6.

Diagram 7

Diagram 8.

Diagram 9. and 10

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sail away, why don´t we sail away!

Gee,It has been quite a while since I have blogged...a lot has happened in that time, I coached in the USA at a small Div 3 college and now I am in the land of reindeer.I found out I have a condition of Syndrome X- that’s what the doctor says---it’s a faux heart attack. Which is better than a real Heart Attack! I had a detached Retina, that’s fixed sort off- Laser treatments, which followed 3 surgeries and the additional Laser/surgery I spend more time in the Hospital than I wish too. Otherwise I feel great.With all the bull pukey aside I want to talk about the use of the Sail Route. This is basically your fade route inverted. See 1. We used this in 2005/2006 in Europe to great successes unfortunately our Defense was better at putting points on the board than us, sarcasm on my part, since it was the other guys doing it.Very simple concept.Motion Z so we have a number 3 on one side the motion continues to the snap.X runs a choice and reads the Safety. If he drops to pick up the crossing pattern by Y the Ten and IN we go over the top with a post, usually the FS is smarter and stays on top, then we SLAP him across the face and run underneath in another crossing pattern at 14 yards.Z the motion WHIPS up the sideline, either pulling the Corner or making the SS get across to protect the far reach of his Zone.Y runs the Ten and in clearing the OLB and trying to set the FS/SS to drop down2 runs the Sail, he is reading the Safeties inside shoulder, when he sees that shoulder stop sliding he makes the route straight and looks for the QB.QB rolls to the 3-receiver side- this can be protected by Jet 3-Waggle back- if the waggle happens and the OLB goes with the Ten and in then the back may be able to sit in the seam for a short pass.The read is left to right starting on the far hash- The QB will see- Slap/Post or the crossing route of the Y and X- as he carries the read inside further the Sail comes into view- the last read is the Corner and the Whip route by Z. If all else fails he can the short pass the back or run to sideline.Easy, swift and will give the Defense fits.
Hope it helps.CRL

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Daddy got me a new fangled “PISTOL” and here is the way I use this “BAD BABY”

Firstly, I would like to thank Head Coach Ault of the University of Nevada for this great innovation and the OC Chris Klenakis for making this crazy thing run.
What does it look like. The QB sits in the Gun at 3 yards to 4 the RB sits behind him at 7 yards. Trips to one side or the other with a TE.

Let me take you al back in time of “THE WILD WEST” Gunfighters, Indians and Desperados of all sorts. They lived and died by the Guns they held in their hands, they also knew when to run as well as shoot. “So partner sit back and sip on your sarsaparilla and let me show what I have come up with in my pondering” TRANSLATED TO: Look what I have done!

I have taken into account how to use this PISTOL OFFENSE in my own philosophy, which is; “The Defense has to give something, don’t take what they give you, take what you want and let them deal with it.” So we are going to take the Middle with a three play variable or check to what ever or me….

First how does this thing work, easy the basic is the Play-action and the Zone read by the RB. My adjustment is easy, we are going to run an Inside Zone to the Y (TE) we are going to put the O-line in a 2-point stance, we loose drive but give a high hat read to the FS so he has to read the QB first. The RB will attack from the 2 hole OUT and find a break in the wall. This forces the ILB´s to read and cuts the blitz down. The SS has to watch the TE and read inside. The Qb rolls with the hand out to the backside. The three-backside receivers crack back which we either call the three pancake or run their routes. The Mesh routes by the TE and Middle receiver in the trips, and the Post and Corner moves by the other two WR, we stem the inside receiver always thus giving a crack back look to the FS if he steps up we go over the top with the Post route.
The Middle is ours- By the 32 IZ or this happens.
1.ILB play run first pass second the good fake catches them inside and the mesh is formed.
2. SS is locked, if he is in Man, the flat he leaves is open on the mesh if he covers the TE or he simply gets stuck in the read on the RB.
3.FS steps up and reads the Post route and stays if he is too aggressive and settles down on the Mesh the top is open
4. The corner route on the STEM clears the Post route of the Corner, why tell me one OLB that can cover this move on MAN if it does not happen then the Corner Route is as open as a Brothel in Amsterdam.
5. The FINAL INSULT the 15 BSG Trap and the QB has at least 10 yards.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


New link: Coach Huey's Xs and Os
I added a new site to the link's section. I added Coach Huey's Xs and Os message board. It's a really good resource for trading info and discussing with coaches both new and experienced with lots of cutting edge stuff, particularly on offense, like the jet series from under center and Gun, lots of bunch passing materials, spread offense stuff, etc. Great site. Coach Huey himself is a great resource on the passing game and offense, but there are several other coaches there who also make it a great place to talk football (it has probably distracted me from my own site a bit recently).
These are not my words, I have copied them from another incredible Blog site which gave me the idea for mine. Chris , I hope you don´t mind being under Xs and Os. Because your knowledege base is just as great!

Can I soothe egos or what... just kidding fellas.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My name is Mr. Bubble and you can watch me Pop!

Funny thing happened to me last year, I had a moment of sheer idiocy, I would say genius but I know myself too well.

We were working on a common Bubble Screen with trips wide. See Diagram 1. ( What it was suppose to be and what it became)When our TE forgot to go loose and stayed tight and ran the Bubble on an outside release. Our WR and Slot were running their assigned routes . Bingo he was free. I ask them to do it again and again he was free. We let the Defense know what we were doing and added a Skinny Post by our backside WO. They went into man with a Free Man the FS. WE ran it out a play action 30 stretch to the 6 and gave the TE a choice on the Bubble to a Wheel if he was covered he wheeled. Every time we ran it we TDed the Defense either by the TE or the Skinny. See Diagram 2. Top of Article When they slapped Cover 2 we made an easy 5 or more on the short pass or the QB rolling and running.

Diagram 3
We then fine tuned this, and this what we came out with. Again from the Gun or QB up it will work. See Diagram 3.

What it does is it makes free -man Cover 1 a choice for the FS-he looks at the motion and the play action stretch and reads Low Hat. He then picks the Skinny coming and the Motion Z breaking inside. What does he Play? The CB is busy with the Hitch and the TE simply slips into the Flat, ifsomeone'ss there, say the SS he slides into the wheel. The SS is working to read his Flat and picking up the QB coming on the roll. Yes here is the question on that 44 or 43 Defense, the SS is Man, well yes but what about the Stretch? And then the Roll? He will lay in the Flat Coaches and end up supporting the CB on the Suicide Hitch, if not the Corner will over compensate and be soft; so the hitch can be free because he will worry about that wheel going up and that sharp slant gutting the seam as the SS runs his hiney to the TE to cover. Read for the QB is TE-X-F-or run for 5. I had a QB this year who could hit that gut seam on the run, if your boy can do this you can play this all day long. Like Mr Bubble said "and you can hear me Pop" for 5 or for the big 6- 1st down convert and then over the top.

Thanks for your time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hey you better watch my BACKSIDE!

Today I want to talk about my use of a BACKSIDE RECEIVER and how he can be the weapon, the go to guy and the thorn in the side of the DC and Free Safety. But, before I do that let me outline how we use him and how you can adapt it to your Offense.
I only deal in two coverage’s, with my X receiver, and those are cover 1 or 2.Let me explain:
In cover 1. We know that he is playing man on man; the rule of thumb here is how can he beat him?
In cover 2. We know that its zone, where can we find the seam and catch the ball.

“Before you start”, I know what about double coverage or an OLB underneath the corner on top and the Safety looking for the pick. Or Zero Technique, Cloud, Rain or what ever” my Grand Ma is watching him”…blah. Blah. Blah… coaches if they double cover, then somebody else is free, use you’re receiving RB throw and flood the other side! Bait the middle and open up the sideline seam … there is a million things to do! Your X is still a weapon, he is consuming 2 or 3 / 7ths of the Pass Defense, usually their best men. I recently saw the Oakland Raiders Vs the Patriots at home (Sept-6-2005) the Pats did this to Randy Moss who did catch a TD and a beauty at that, but the Raiders keep going to him all night long, hey I know its RANDY! (And he will catch something, the rule is you got to give somewhere on the Defense but give them what you want not what they take.) But, Portis was clean and free as was the TE, the adjust was simple if they throw to Randy, the other guys make sure at least someone is on them or near, because they are going to be 2nd and 3rd Option on the pass. Why not reverse it, or better yet make them give it up?

Now we know how to reverse it… let me explain how we make them give it up.
These are the ways:
But first set the Defense up.
Run, pass or screen on the same look of the roll, the play action or flood to the strong side, you can run trips or fill it with motion to that side or any number of things. Do this a few times and be patient. Two things will happen.

  • The Defense will adjust; they have to, especially if you are successful on the 3rd down conversion. How? A number of ways, change the coverage, lock down the OLB to the QB read, mix the coverage and play real hard bump outside in Technique by the DE.

  • They will still double up the backside which means someone is still free and you can play this all game long and the backside flat and curl zone are free as well as reverses and RB screens. The defense has to give you something, use it!

  • Roll your Qb to opposite side of the X, do this on play action or if your Qb can run a 3 step outside roll attack or waggle it, this is great if you option.

  • Then give this route to your X. (see diagram)

We run and train our backside receivers to think for themselves 90% of the time, we teach them their options on the Bump, Man, Zone and what the Defense is doing to them. We give them rules which to follow and they work these out with the QB´s and then we play the Game.
This route and these simple rules apply.

Vs Man:
  1. If he plays you at the Bump, if he is inside fade, if he is outside Slant. If this disrupts our game plan we simply stack him behind and run these two options or rub the first receiver on the bump and get him free with a RB swing to that side. (GREAT IN THE MYERS SHOTGUN)

  1. If he plays you real soft comeback or slap him across the face, the 10/12 and in or 6/8 and in

  2. Beat him where he isn’t, how? Test his speed and how he covers the Post and Corner.

  3. Slide slowly to the Qb after your route is finished and the ball is not in the air.

  1. Find the seam between the defenders and sit in it and throw a hand when free. (Throw a hand is raising the arm up to “tell the QB” “hey I am here,” Coach Jack Pardee used this to great strides in the 70´s with his run and shoot and it still applies today)

  2. Read the Safety first and adjust to him, remember the Corner has to get there and then react.

  3. Tell us, “Gee communicate” so we can send and bait the Defenders to bite down the other receiver.

These rules are simple, and with practice they become second nature, also the VARIABLE EFFECT---“my baby” excuse me… comes into play. If you see the route diagram a DC or smart player can’t figure out what he is going to do, so even if you play us in game the ability of change is to great for you to second guess. So you spend your Defensive Capital, i.e. Players defending this one man; this happened to us all season long so our other receivers picked up the slack and loved it.

I know this is long winded but its my Blog so Nah! Plus because of my Toilet seat article, they are selling toilet seats on my site!

Thank you for your time